The Soutter Family

Welcome to, this is the home page of the Soutter family originally from Dundee in Scotland, then moved to Alberton, South Africa before returning to England.

The front page of is designed by Zoe Soutter, the rest is designed and maintained by Neal Soutter, if there is anything that needs changing/fixing please e-mail Neal using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Soutter History

This is a Soutterware jug. Ron Clarke (Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry) found the jug in a shop selling miscellaneous brasswork and other secondhands and antiques in Southsea (Portsmouth).

This is the Soutterware brass company's logo.

This is the Kildalton Cross, a gift donated to the Islay Golf Club by the Soutter family.

This is the Souter/Soutar tartan.

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If you would like to contact one of the above people, please email the address shown in the image on the right.
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The Birmingham Soutters' trip around Europe

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