Unicycle (No.1)

Fibreglass unicycle

This was the first unicycle I made. It is constructed from Fibreglass. As usual I used it for a while and forgot to take a picture while it was fully made up.
The red and blue thing is the mold I made to make the bearing housings. The hub is a scrap one given to my by Chris Dobbie (who got me into this mad idea/sport). The far side has been sawn off, that is why it looks strange. I couldn't remove the bearing to make the mold so I just cut it off.
In the bottom of the picture is the one side of the unicycle and you are looking at the inside of the bearing housing. More detail: The caramel coloured part is the smooth resin that has been pulled of the mold, the lighter colour around this is solid resin but it has been sanded so it looks lighter in colour. The yellow coloured part is expanded polyurethane foam wrapped in fibreglass.
This picture gives you an idea how the hub will fit in between the two sides.
I molded a slot in the top part of each side that the seat post fitted into, I then used bolts to squeeze the two pieces together. I need to take some better pictures of this unicycle. The two sides are different thicknesses, this is due to the my skill of laying up the wet glass improving from the first one to the second. That is the problem with prototypes