Stainless Steel Kite Buggy (No.3)

Finally I bought a TIG welder and built a stainless steel kite buggy. It is not entirely finished at this point, I still need to cut some bolts off to size and polish a few more things. My intention is to make this page as comprehensive as possible about the building of the buggy. As I get closer to finishing the buggy I will update the page again.
I ground the front wheel bolt smooth and welded a hook onto it so that I remove and tighten the wheel nut with one spanner.
Foot Pegs - I need to make foot straps.
Diagonal bars where added to stiffen up the forks.
More polished bits.
The welds still need to be cleaned up on these.
Side bar meets back axle.
The side bars are covered in pipe insulation, and then I made covers for them.
Red piping along the edge of the seat is red webbing folded in half and sewn in between the inner and outer layers of black canvas.