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This is a page dedicated to the things I have built in the last few years. I have the policy that there is very little that can't be made (and I love making things).

By trade I am an Analyst Programmer, trained in RPG at Wits Technikon in South Africa. I am still working in RPG but I am trying my hand at ASP.Net.

I normally spend so much time creating my personal webpages that it ends up taking me forever to put them on the net (This is the problem with not having a deadline). So what I will be doing here is to created the pages as fast as possible and to perfect them later.

Things I've built

Kite Buggy I, small and yellow Kite Buggy II, more traditional design Kite Buggy III, stainless steel Power Kites Fibreglass Uni (version 1) Fibreglass Uni (version 2) Wooden PC Case

Photos I've taken

Fuji Finepix 602 Zoom


I am originally from Alberton, South Africa. I look after (or neglect depending on how you look at it) If you are looking for one of the other Soutter you can try going back to

If you have any comments, good, bad or constructive please send me an e-mail to

My email address is an image so that spammers hopefully won't pick it up.

More details to follow soon...

Last Updated: 19 August 2004

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